Sharing the Wisdom of an old Eagle -April 1969. Dr. Jim Hammett

A Scout is Trustworthy When asked to come up with my thoughts about being a Scout for over 60 years I first looked to our Scout Law and realized that in spite of there being 12 points to the Scout Law, a person could base their whole life, behavior, decision making, relationships on just beingContinue reading “Sharing the Wisdom of an old Eagle -April 1969. Dr. Jim Hammett”

The winds of change

In Ron Wendell’s book, The Scoutmaster Minute, I was perusing to find a topic for the inaugural Scoutmaster post. Interestingly, I came upon a short paragraph on change. “Nothing is as constant as change. Everything around us changes. Opportunities come and go. Best friends that we have today, while they will always be our friends,Continue reading “The winds of change”